Deluxe Aqua Hammock Pool Floa

Catalog Number: NT107
Weight: 9.3 pounds
Dimensions: 15 x 29.5 x 16 inches
Recommended Age: 12 years and up

Deluxe Aqua Hammock Pool Floa - To stay cool, just add water. Float and soak at the same time with the Avalon Aqua Hammock. Aqua Cell foam and this unique design offer simultaneous relaxation and suspension. Dual zone cushioning for extra support and comfort. Designed to allow more of your body to be under water than with traditional pool floats. Made with Aqua Cell™ Technology which is: durable, lightweight, non abrasive, resistant to chipping or peeling, UV resistant, exceptionally buoyant, hypoallergenic and mold/mildew resistant. Great for use in and out of the pool!