Water Walkway Floating Inflatable Mat

Catalog Number: 14-2080
Weight: 21 pounds
Dimensions: 10 x 6 foot
Recommended Age: 8 years and up

Water Walkway Floating Inflatable Mat - Who knew something this simple could be so much fun? The 6 x 6 foot WOW Water Walkway. Inflatable floating mat made from 30-gauge Heavy Duty PVC. Comes with zippers on all 4 sides so you can connect several together to make a long walkway between boats or a huge island to float and party on. Can be connected with the WOW 10 x 6 foot Water Walkway as well, so get creative with your island designs. Weighs around 20pounds and can be inflated and deflated in 5 minutes or less. Once deflated it can easily be stored under the seat in your boat or in the trunk of your car. 1 - 3 Person 220 pounds (99 kilograms) 660 pounds (299 kilograms) Maximum Capacity.